The Firm

Yiannatsis & Associates Law Firm constitutes the evolution of an Athens based law office which was founded three decades ago by Theodoros I. Yiannatsis. The activity of the firm is regulated by its Articles of Association (AoA) in conjunction with Presidential Decree 81/2005 on Law Firms. Law Firm's AoA have been approved by the Athens Bar Association and the Firm is registered under number 80302. Its premises are housed in the 4th and 5th floor of a traditional building at 38 Karneadou street in Athens (Kolonaki).

The firm is staffed by highly qualified professionals, dedicated in their field, providing services across the entire spectrum of law. Main aim of the firm and its members is to offer multi-faceted legal services with transparent terms of cooperation and to address each issue from all possible standpoints through the active participation of more than one specialized lawyer.

The firm is supported by an extensive database of legal literature as well as by an analytical in-house case-law database which is arranged by subject, as the result of a three - decade research and practice.

Our principles:

  • Thorough study and research of each case and issue.
  • Multi-faceted approach to legal issues, utilizing valuable expertise across several fields.
  • Reliability in the fulfillment of undertaken commitments.
  • Constant client updates on the progress of each case.
  • Continuing legal education.

Why Us

Our company is constantly on an upward growth trajectory defined by the growing trust of our principals in us.

The reasons are simple and clear: