Commercial Law

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I can take legal action against the general partnership and against the general partners, as according to the provision of par. 1 of article 249 of Law 4072/2012, in parallel with the company, the general partners are responsible with their individual property for the company debt.

According to Article 69 of the Civil Code, following an application by anyone with a legal interest, the court, judging in the process of voluntary jurisdiction, appoints a temporary administration if the interests of the administrators conflict with those of the legal entity.

In order to acquire the right to the trademark, the trademark filing declaration must be submitted to the Trademarks Directorate of the Ministry of Development and Investments and, once the compliance with the formal and substantive conditions provided for by Law 4679/2020 is examined, this declaration must be definitively registered in the Trademark Registry.

According to Article 36 of Law 4679/2020, trademark registration lasts for a decade. It is possible to renew the registration every ten years at the request of the beneficiary and with the timely payment of the renewal fee.

In the commercial lease agreement, the lessor may request an increase in the due rent and the lessee respectively a decrease, in accordance with the conditions set by articles 288 and 388 of the Civil Code.

According to article 7 of Law 4738/2020, I can only submit an application if at least fifteen (15) months have passed since the affiliation decision.

From the final submission of the application and until the end of the process in any way, the taking of coercive measures and the continuation of the coercive execution process on claims, movables and real estate against the debtor are suspended.