Commercial law

The vast majority of our clients are commercial legal entities. Thus, our firm is called to resolve issues of everyday corporate life, whether they relate to corporate governance matters or to stakeholder relationships. Among the various services we provide are:

  • Establishment of any type of company, subsidiary or branch
  • Investment planning
  • Project finance
  • Commercial debt collection (interim measures – conservative seizures, enforcement proceedings- property foreclosures, bank deposits confiscations, etc)
  • Advising on investment incentives law, corporate transformations (conversions, mergers, secession, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Lease contracts drafting and reviewing
  • Advising on corporate finance issues (bonds, syndicated loans, sale and lease back, etc.)
  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Advising on consumer protection law (Law 2251/1994)
  • Advising on securities Law (checks, bills of exchange, etc)
  • Commercial litigation etc

Corporate Law

The company has advised entrepreneurs in the choice of the legal vehicle for their activity, whether it is chosen to be multi-person or not. The formation of the corporate agreement and any extra-corporate agreements is the basis on which the company will operate and the correct construction of the corporate documents is the most important guarantee to avoid future legal and non-legal disputes between the partners. Indicatively, we provide our services in the following areas:

  • Establishment of companies and corporate formations of any legal type based on the special agreements of the partners (a la carte) in combination with the conclusion of any extra-corporate agreements for greater flexibility.
  • Handling all legal processes and providing advice regarding issues of daily corporate life (company management and operation of administrative bodies, shareholders’ meeting, decisions and minutes of administrative bodies and general assembly).
  • Dealing with management problems (judicial appointment of management, etc.).
  • Protection of partner and company rights.
  • Infringement of invalid and voidable decisions of the Board of Directors. and G.S..
  • Comprehensive legal solutions in the context of dissolution or restructuring/rescue of businesses, particularly based on our experience and expertise in tax and financial law.
  • Full legal support in matters of acquisitions and mergers, both on behalf of sellers and buyers. Critical legal stages for the successful and safe completion of such procedures for our client are legal and tax planning, due diligence as well as the negotiation and drafting of the relevant contractual documents.
  • Providing advice and legal planning of corporate conversions. The creation of new national as well as European corporate types and the essential changes to the previously existing ones, create a dynamic field of finding the appropriate legal vehicle to achieve the business goals of our principals.
  • Resolution and Liquidation of companies (taking actions and legal assistance at every stage of the process).

Industrial Property Law

The company provides legal support in the following, indicatively mentioned cases:

  • Trademark, brand name, distinctive title, domain name registration and their protection against third-party attacks.
  • Registration of patent/invention, utility model, industrial designs, computer programs, etc.
  • Preparation of license agreements for patents, trademarks, etc.
  • Preparation of industrial property rights transfer contracts (patent transfer, trademark transfer, etc.).
  • Handling criminal law cases in the context of trademark protection.
  • Cancellation of patents or trademarks.

Competition Law

The importance of competition law is self-evident both at national and community level as it is the hard core of business law (or more broadly economic law) and a critical factor in shaping the market economy.
Greek free competition law is primarily governed by the provisions of Law 3959/2011, which replaced the older Law 703/1977, which is consistent in its provisions with the provisions of European Union law.
The law of unfair competition is regulated at the national level by the provisions of Law 146/1914 and concerns the control and limitation of illegal acts of businesses that aim to give them a competitive advantage over other businesses.
The company provides legal support in the following, indicatively mentioned cases:

  • Prohibited cartels (horizontal and vertical agreements)
  • Abusive exploitation of a dominant position (refusal of supply, practices preventing parallel trade, linked and group sales, pricing abuses, abusive discount policies, discriminatory pricing, etc.)
  • Business concentrations (control by the Competition Commission, corrective measures, commitments, etc.)
  • Administrative sanctions and appeals against fines imposed by the
  • Competition Commission
    Civil claims of third parties for violation of antitrust rules under AK 914
  • Defense against criminal prosecution under competition law provisions
  • Illegal posting of labor
  • Unfair product or service imitation
  • Copying an intellectual or inventive work
  • Infringement of distinguishing features
  • Misleading or comparative advertising
  • Defamatory information about a competitor
  • Illegal acts of market manipulation (product placement, sponsoring)
  • Preventive control and formation of vertical contracts (franchise, exclusive distribution contracts, etc.)