Financial Criminal Law

One of the most significant risk that a CEO or a company owner has to confront in Greece is the one of being accused of committing numerous white collar crimes. Hence, it is of utmost importance that transactions and commercials relationships to be fashioned accordingly so as to prevent unpleasant ramifications.

Our firm has undertaken a large number of financial crime cases, whether they relate to general criminal law or to crimes provided by special criminal laws. Most of the cases we have handled are related to the following crimes:

  • Non- payment of public debts (art. 25 of Law 1882/1990)
  • Tax Evasion (VAT, income tax, fake invoices – art. 17, 18 and 19 of Law 2523/1997)
  • Money laundering (Law 3691/2008)
  • Issuance of bad checks (art. 79 of Law 5960/1933)
  • Crimes provided by corporate legislation (art. 54 et seq. Law 2190/1920 and art. 60 Law 3190/1955)
  • Breach of Capital Market law (see art. 29 et seq Law 3340/2005, etc.)
  • Non- payment of social insurance debts (Law 1986/1967)
  • Non-payment of workers’ salaries (Law 690/1945)
  • Infringements of labor law provisions (art. 28 Law 3996/2011)
  • Infringement of trade secrets (art. 16-18 Law 146/1914)
  • Infringement of anti-trust law (art. 43 and 44 of Law 3959/2011)
  • Breach of provisions provided by the unfair competition legislation (Law 146/1914)
  • Breach of Bankruptcy Law provisions (art. 171 et seq. Law 3588/2007)