Banking Law

In the field of banking law services our firm focus on handling its clients credit crisis by restructuring and confronting with various types of loan agreements. Having acquired legal expertise both in banking and banking supervision law, in conjunction with consumer protection provisions, we face any abusive practice coming from credit institutions by rearranging the balance between the two parties to its fair status.

Our firm has extensive experience in coping with banking law issues. It is common experience that banking agreements provide for special treatment of the creditor that is not clearly revealed to the borrower, who is then called to pay illegal and abusive charges (e.g. unfair and vague floating – rates, illegal rollover contribution under Law 128/75, unfair interest calculated on a 360 days period, etc.).

Our firm specializes in the effective handling of such cases by successfully applying the remedies provided. In short, we identify the illegal and unfair terms of each contract and we then establish the appropriate ground of opposition along with pertinent references in both domestic and foreign legal literature and case of law.