Insolvency Law – Corporate Restructure

Our firm handles cases of indebted companies through exercising the existing judicial and extrajudicial remedies (restructuring under article 99 of Bankruptcy Code, special liquidation under article 106 of Bankruptcy Code, conciliation, reorganization, challenging the validity of payment orders and enforcement acts etc.). Our firm addresses each over-indebtedness and insolvency issue from the scope of, apart from commercial, both tax and criminal law. Our firm undertakes the complete reorganization of the indebted company and offers each client more than one alternative to choose from. Furthermore, in the field of criminal law, we deal with criminal prosecutions for tax offenses (VAT and withholding taxes, income tax, fake invoices, etc.) by taking advantage of our expertise both in tax and commercial law.

Among the various services we provide are:

  • Filing claims of restructuring under article 99 of Bankruptcy Code while at the same time applying for interim measures
  • Filing claims of liquidation under article 106 of Bankruptcy Code
  • Filing a bankruptcy motion (with parallel filing of a reorganization plan) while applying for interim measures
  • Lodgment of claims during bankruptcy proceedings
  • Filing petitions of separation during bankruptcy proceedings
  • Challenging validity of transactions carried out during the suspect period
  • Addressing prosecutions for State and third parties debts (see also “Financial Criminal Law”) etc

For example, we provide the following services:

  • Submission of an application for consolidation of articles 99 et seq. of Law 3588/2007 with a parallel submission of an application for taking preventive measures
  • Submission of an application for special liquidation of a. 106a PtK ff.
  • Filing a bankruptcy petition (with the possibility of simultaneously filing a reorganization plan) with the simultaneous filing of an application for preventive measures
  • Declaration of claims in the context of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Separation Petitions and Claims in Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Offense of acts carried out during the suspect period – bankruptcy revocations
  • Reorganization of businesses out of court and in court with control of contracts (commercial, labor, lease, etc.) and improvement of these conditions in the context of optimal financial management
  • Mergers and splits of companies with a view to improving financial results and rationalizing financial statements
  • Dealing with criminal prosecutions for debts to the State and third parties (see also the field of law “Economic Criminal Law”)