February 2024 – Judicial decision on joint custody

February 2024 – Judicial decision on joint custody

Judicial decision on joint custody: Distribution of custody between the parents – alternating residence of the child, despite the counterparty – father’s request for time limited contact.

The court, in decision no. 34/2024, granted joint custody of an 11-year-old child to both parents with alternating residence every 15 days. This was contrary to the father’s request for joint custody but with time limited contact. The decision considered the mother’s earlier request for temporary exclusive custody, which was accepted in a prior decision (no. 615/2022).

Due to the mother’s health issues, she couldn’t maintain exclusive custody and sought joint custody with the father. The father proposed a specific contact schedule during weekends and weekdays due to frequent professional travels.

The court accepted the mother’s request, emphasizing that the father’s travels could coincide with the proposed contact availability, and arrangements could be made for the child’s handover during business trips. The decision considered the child’s opinion, highlighting the importance of continuous interaction with both parents for her well-being.

In summary, joint custody was granted with an alternating residence schedule, taking into account the child’s views and the practical aspects of the parents’ lives.